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Integryst is a premier WebCenter Software Development and Consulting firm founded with a particular focus on developing high-value applications for the Oracle WebCenter product stack (particularly, WebCenter Interaction). We can help your enterprise maximize its investment in the WebCenter infrastructure, whether it's through the latest in Web 2.0 technologies, or basic consulting services to get you up and running.

Integryst was founded in January 2009 by Matt Chiste, a senior consultant and software developer with over a decade of experience in Internet technologies, software design, and consulting services.  Plumtree Foundation, ALUI, AquaLogic User Interaction - you name it - we've been working with it since pretty much the beginning.

You may know this portal technology as Plumtree Foundations, AquaLogic, AquaLogic User Interaction, or ALUI - it's been re-branded multiple times as Plumtree was acquired by BEA, and BEA was acquired by Oracle.  But it's still the same great product you've been working with for years. 

In fact, this isn't even a web site.  It's a proof-of-concept portal using the Plumtree / ALUI / WebCenter Interaction technologies to demonstrate the power of the portal and the products we've developed to integrate with it.  Sure, we could have used simpler web publishing products for such a simple site, but the intent is to demonstrate some of the great functionality in the WebCenter portal and the products we've developed, rather than just being a static web presence.

Clearly this is a work in progress, so come back soon to check out the latest in WebCenter Interaction technology integration!